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In this day and time it is well known how damaging smoking is to our bodies in the long run, especially to cardiovascular or oncological diseases. However, the benefits of quitting smoking sometimes are not perceived as important enough to overcome nicotine addiction.  Tobacco has immediate implications in our life. The skin becomes less shiny, and your smile starts to change colors. Even the stairs seem longer.  

Even in sports, smoking improves the chances of injury and delays the recuperation period. And, after surgery, if the patient needs it, tobacco puts you in a worse situation because it delays scaring. 

Our Smoking cessation appointment will help you create strategies to stop smoking efficiently and with lasting effects. Promoting the control of symptoms related to nicotine abstention and developing habits that reward not having a cigarette. Most importantly, we will study the impulses that can get the patient to relapse in the future.

General Medicine Doctor

Combining his experience with in-depth knowledge, Dr. Vítor Veríssimo is the physician responsible for the new smoking cessation consultation. Specialist in General and Family Medicine, he will help you eliminate nicotine from your life.


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