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Implantology is a branch of dental medicine surgery that focuses on the placement of dental implants. The implants are made of titanium alloy and are placed in the lower jaw or in the upper jaw. Their function is to replace the roots of lost teeth.
As they are biocompatible, after the implant has been placed, there is the formation of new bone around it, stabilizing it and allowing it to fix a structure that mimics the lost teeth. These implants can be applied to only one tooth, several teeth or the entire jaw. Thus, the main advantages of this procedure are the improvement of function (chew and diction) and aesthetic. As a result, replacing the lost teeth with implants means, unlike removable prostheses, a warranty that the patient will be able to eat, smile and speak safely and with self-confidence.

In case you need implants, we have a last-generation tomograph that allows our doctors to evaluate the bone structure in three dimensions. Thus, it is possible to plan the need for auxiliary techniques, such as bone regeneration, to optimize the position and location in which the implants will be placed. Come and listen to our opinion. Our specialists are available to clarify any questions and advise you.


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