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The endodontics consists of the treatment of dental pulp (nerve) disorders. The dental pulp (commonly called nerve) is located inside the tooth and consists of nerves, arteries, and veins responsible for the nourishment and sensitivity of the tooth. For that reason, when a tooth has deep cavities, it suffers trauma or fracture, which can cause an irreversible inflammation (pulpitis) or early “death” (necrosis) of the pulp tissues. In these cases, endodontic treatment (devitalization) is the only way to keep the tooth without further complications.

Some of the most common signs that you may have a tooth that needs treatment, or endothonous re-treatment (in case of a previous devitalization) are spontaneous pain or when chewing, acute and ongoing pain with cold and/or hot, abscess (swelling) or fistula (pus reservoir) in the gum.

At the Clínica Lambert, we have a microscope specifically to enhance results, and that helps to increase the predictability and success rate of our endodontic treatments. This way, if you have devitalized a tooth unsuccessfully, we have at our clinic, specialist dentists and cutting-edge technology to achieve results of excellence.



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