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The hip joint (coxofemoral) is a spherical joint in which the acetabulum of the pelvis bone (coxal bone) accommodates the round head of the femur. This joint supports the weight of the body while standing and enables, among others, a wide range of movements that we make with the lower limbs, such as walking, running and jumping. The most common hip injuries are traumatic (fractures), of movement – conflict (limited mobility) or instability (excessive mobility as in dysplasia) or degenerative (hip arthrosis or coxarthrosis). These are injuries that can be addressed and solved with surgery. Therefore, in order to enable a fast recovery and for you to return as soon as possible to your daily activities it is crucial a prompt assessment of any complaints (such as discomfort or pain) you might have.

Orthopedic Doctor - Hip

“My name is Pedro Simas and I am a medical doctor since 2004, the year I graduated from Lisbon School of Medical Sciences. I finished my degree in Sports Medicine from SPMD in 2006.
I have been an Orthopedist since 2012 and did my residency at Garcia de Orta Hospital, where I stayed as an assistant until 2015.”


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