The ALTER G anti gravity treadmill is one of the best examples worldwide of how innovation and technology can improve health care.

The ALTER G is a treadmill, where each user can regulate its gravitational load. This way, it is possible to establish the percentage of weight suitable for each patient to perform the exercise. Being able to control the weight with which the patient walks/runs is important because it allows us to introduce activities earlier in a safe way that otherwise would only be possible months later.


The isokinetic assessment aims to identify muscle imbalances that may interfere with sports practice. The isokinetic dynamometer allows quantifying the user’s muscle function and performance. This way, it acts as a preventive and therapeutic method in case of muscular lesion.

Muscular Strength, Power and Resistance variables can be studied isolated for each muscle group and can be applied to the knee, hip, ankle, wrist, elbow and shoulder joints. The procedure is carried out with a fixed speed and customized resistance.

This is the only way to dynamically overload a muscle to its maximum capacity. With this assessment, we can check if there are eventual muscular imbalances. At the same time, quantitative and effective parameters are generated to optimize the physical rehabilitation of injured athletes.

The final stage of rehabilitation is seen today as one of the greatest challenges for both the physician and the patient. The reintroduction of the technical gesture, race, and jump are fundamental processes and steps for the recovery journey.

It is based on this need that Clínica Lambert created the “pre-competition” space composed by a 20 meters long and 5 meters wide synthetic turf, perfect for you to start practicing.


Electrotherapy is a physiotherapy technique widely used as a complement to the rehabilitation of various types of pathologies. The use of electric current for pain relief dates back to the first century, when there are reports of pain relief from a patient after a batoid was applied to his skin. Each type of currency has specific indications and contraindications and all of them aim to assist the rehabilitation process. At Clínica Lambert, among other electrotherapy equipment, there are the Shock Waves, the High-intensity Laser, TECAR and the Wireless Electrostimulators (Compex).


Hydrotherapy is one of the most used techniques in physiotherapy for the treatment and rehabilitation of various pathologies. It is a highly effective and clinically proven treatment that brings countless benefits to all patients.

Contact with hydrotherapy water increases muscle strength and improves cardiopulmonary function while reducing the impact on the lower limbs. At the same time, it makes possible to safely perform certain exercises, at an earlier stage, during the rehabilitation process.

Immersion in heated water offers benefits such as relaxation and analgesia, and the strength of the impulse relieves pressure from the joints, reducing the gravitational forces of movement. Thus, an activity with load, for example, that is contraindicated to perform on the floor, could be performed safely in the swimming pool during the hydrotherapy session.


At Clínica Lambert, we believe that comfort and rest are two essential factors for a quicker and more successful recovery. For that reason, we now offer home physiotherapy sessions.


From the age of 60, our body insists on becoming heavier, more unbalanced and less articulated. In our senior movement classes, we fight this through an individual plan adjusted to your needs. 

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