Oral Surgery is the branch of dental medicine responsible for the diagnosis and surgical treatment of oral disorders, lesions, and pathologies. If you have teeth that need to be extracted or if you have noticed any injury you can contact us and we can discuss treatment options and carefully explain the recommended procedures.


Dentistry is the branch of dental medicine responsible for repairing teeth and replacing its structure.
The most frequent problems are cavities, fractures, deformations and tooth darkening. If you need any of these treatments, we are available to clarify any questions and provide the best treatment.


The endodontics consists of the treatment of dental pulp (nerve) disorders. With a specialized Endodontics dentist and an electron microscope, we are available to help you solve any inflammations of the dental pulp and to re-treat teeth that went through prior unsuccessful treatments. We can help you if you experience pain, abscess (swelling) or fistula (pus) on the gum.


Orofacial Harmonization (OFH) is a set of procedures aimed at balancing the different structures of the face. More than correcting wrinkles, HOF represents a complement to the various areas of Dentistry, namely Oral Surgery and Rehabilitation, Orthodontics and Occlusion, thus contemplating the face as a whole and not just the smile.


Implantology is the surgical branch of dental medicine that deals with the placement of dental implants. The function of the implants is to replace the roots of lost teeth. If you need implants, our doctors are available to clarify any doubt and to advise you.


Periodontics includes the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontitis (gum, periodontal ligament, and bone). You can count on us to help in case you experience sensitivity, bleeding gums, tooth mobility and want to preserve your teeth.


Prosthodontics or oral rehabilitation is the area of Dentistry responsible for replacing lost or damaged teeth.  If you have lost teeth or have damaged teeth, in the Prosthodontics consultation we will help you find the most suitable solution for your case so that you can eat, talk and smile comfortably again.


Orthodontics and dental orthopedics are the branch of dental medicine that consists of the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of malocclusion, whether by weak dental position or related musculoskeletal structures.
This field relies on specialized technology and equipment to provide customized treatment to each patient.

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