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My name is Gustavo Garcia Martins. I am a graduate of the Medical Sciences Faculty of NOVA University in Lisbon with a degree in medicine. My passion for Orthopedics started while I was still a medicine student as I did my residency in Orthopedics at the University of São Paulo (Pólo de Ribeirão Preto). Then, I specialized in Orthopedics at Garcia da Horta Hospital in Almada. During this period I did several internships abroad and from the beginning sports trauma, particularly knee surgery, really got my interest. I was in Madrid at CEMTRO Clinic for several three-month periods, and I ended up having a six-month fellowship (2011) in knee surgery with Dr. Vicente Concejero (the former physician of Atlética Madrid), Dr. Herrador Munilla (the former physician of Real Madrid) and Professor Pedro Guillén. I started working at the Lambert Clinic in 2012, where I'm in charge of the Knee Unit. My passion for Sports Trauma made me want to work more within Sports Medicine and I became the Clinical Director of the Athletic Club of Portugal Football SAD (2012-2015), Belenenses SAD (2015-2016) and the Portuguese Basketball Federation since 2015.


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