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My name is Nuno Pereira Coutinho. I am a medical graduate from the School of Medicine in Lisbon since 2001 and I am an Orthopedics specialist since 2010. I did my residency at Vila Franca de Xira Hospital, focusing from the beginning in the field of the Vertebral Spine. I was a member of the Vertebral Spine team at Vila Franca de Xira Hospital, where I contributed to the development of this subspeciality at the Hospital, by introducing new techniques, such as percutaneous spine surgery. During 2010 I trained at Del Mar Hospital in Barcelona with the Cirurga Del Raquis' team. In 2017, I completed the Eurospine Course Diploma at Spanish Spine Society and a course at the Portuguese Society for Spine Conditions, where I was awarded the Diploma of European Vertebral Spine Surgeon by Eurospine. I'm currently the coordinator of Lambert Clinic Vertebral Spine Unit. I post-graduated in sports medicine from SPMD in 2006 and started serving as a doctor for the Portuguese Federation of Athletics in 2013. From 2017 up to nowadays, I was appointed Clinical Director of the Portuguese Federation of Athletics.


217 582 336
R. Cordeiro Ferreira 3, 1750-071 Lisboa


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