General Medicine Doctor


My name is Vítor Veríssimo. I graduated in Medicine from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 2006. After a year of working at the Santarém Hospital, I joined the Amora Health Center. Later, at the Amora Healthy Family Health Unit, in the Seixal council, I completed the specialty of General and Family Medicine and began following up on a list of patients. During the four years of my complementary training, I attended the addiction consultation held at the Cruz de Pau pole, where drug addiction and other addictions, including tobacco, were treated. I accumulated functions as a doctor in the Permanent Medical Care of Hospital da Luz. In 2016 I started working in the General and Family Medicine service at Hospital da Luz and in the Health Care Unit, belonging to TAP group. In 2020 I started working at Teladoc, providing medical advice by phone. I completed the 16th practical course on intervention in smoking taught by the Portuguese Institute of Psychology and Other Sciences


217 582 336
R. Cordeiro Ferreira 3, 1750-071 Lisboa


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