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My name is Sara Romeiro and I am a graduate in Nutrition and Food Engineering from the Health Sciences South Institute since 2006, where I began my journey in clinical and sports nutrition, after completing an internship in Feijó Sports Complex. Since then, I have worked in various health and aesthetic clinics, as well as with some sports clubs, including the Portuguese Rugby Federation and now the Vilafranquense Sports Union. My main field of interest has always been sports nutrition, and for that reason, I did a postgraduation in Pharmacology, Nutrition, and Sports Supplements at the University of Barcelona. Later in 2014, I became a mother for the first time and focused on nutrition during pregnancy and baby nutrition and diet. Today, I am the mother of three girls and I try to help other mothers to make right and balanced food decisions, and to create knowledge so that they are able to achieve their own goals and to better guide their children. Recently, I have also been combining my two passions - sports and motherhood - and I am enhancing my knowledge in these two specific areas.


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R. Cordeiro Ferreira 3, 1750-071 Lisboa


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