Orthopedic Doctor - Foot and Ankle


My name is Luís Simões de Almeida. I graduated in medicine at the University of Lisbon. I specialized in Orthopedics at Garcia de Orta Hospital (HGO) in Almada. During that period I became particularly interested in the Foot and Ankle. The HGO was one of the pioneers in Portugal in carrying out percutaneous surgery to treat deformities of the hindfoot (bunions, hammertoes...), and it was where I learned the value of minimally invasive techniques. That is the reason why I did an internship at Dexeus University Hospital in Barcelona in 2011, under the guidance of Dr. Eugenio Jimeno Torres, responsible for the Foot and Ankle Unit. In 2012, I also took the Amsterdam Foot and Tornozel Course, chaired by Prof. Niek Van Dijk, a world reference in ankle arthroscopy. Between 2014 and 2017, I was part of the clinical staff of Sant'Ana Orthopedic Hospital in Parede, another national reference in the field of percutaneous foot surgery, which allowed me to learn and practice other methods, expanding my skills in this field. My passion for sports, namely football, led me to accept the challenge of heading clinical departments of professional clubs, such as Portugal Atlética Club and Real Sport Club (Massamá).


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