Orthopedic Doctor - Hand and Wrist


My name is Francisco Mercier and I was born in Porto in 1981. I am a medical graduate from the University of Coimbra in 2005 and specialized in Orthopedics at the University of Coimbra Hospitals in 2013. Throughout these years of specialization, and as the Hospital Orthopedia Service of the University of Coimbra was one of the largest national centers, I developed a special interest in Traumatology in general and in Wrist and Hand conditions. This last interest led me to do an internship in Madrid with Dr. Juan González del Pino, in 2010, who broaden my horizons and really motivated me to subspecialize in the field of the Wrist and Hand. Before and after, I attended countless specialization courses, mainly abroad, to develop my skills. In 2014, I joined the clinical staff of the Orthopedic Service at Garcia de Orta Hospital and, in 2015, at Lambert Clinic. In the latter, I'm responsible for the Wrist and Hand Surgery Unit. In 2016, I returned to Spain for a new internship, this time with Dr. Francisco del Piñal, another world reference in the field of the Hand. In 2017, through a partnership with the Lambert Clinic, I became responsible for the Wrist and Hand Pathologies at CUF Almada Clinic. Today, as always, I wish to do my utmost for patients and keep myself constantly updated.


217 582 336
R. Cordeiro Ferreira 3, 1750-071 Lisboa


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